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BSP From the Sea to the Land Beyond

This is Peveril Castle. All of it. And you have to climb a massive hill to get there.
This is Peveril Castle. All of it. And you have to climb a massive hill to get there.

Three nights out could normally tide us over for months, but fate conspired to keep us out late three nights in a row, in three different cities. After two nights of Ian Hunter, it was time for something a little more low key: British Sea Power.

They were performing a live soundtrack to the documentary From the Sea to the Land Beyond at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. From Craig’s description, it would be instrumental versions of older songs with beach scenery playing onscreen.

That is what it was, but it was really good. The director (editor?) went through decades of archive footage and pieced together a cohesive film showing everything from kids playing at the beach to WWII training. The live music complemented the swooping/ soaring visuals nicely. And of course, there were plenty of clips which would be good conversation starters in class. I’ll just keep that in my back pocket for… someday.

On the way, we stopped for a quick look at Peveril Castle overlooking Castleton (and pretty much the rest of the Peak District). It wasn’t much, as castles go, but has a lovely view. There is also far more information about the history of the castle and its former inhabitants than a lot of the castles we’ve visited.

On a clear day...
On a clear day…

On this particular afternoon, we were stopped by some geography students. I thought I was being very helpful, giving detailed, considered answers. Craig told me I was holding them up and then pointed out groups of kids here and there copying each other’s forms. Live and learn.