Using Task Cards for Small Group or Pair Work

Irregular Verbs Simple Past Task Cards 1-6
Irregular Verbs Simple Past Task Cards 1-6


Task cards are one of the most versatile group activities you can do. The beauty of them is that you can reuse them over and over for different activities.

Here are just a few ways I like to use them with small groups. Give each table, group, or pair a deck of task cards, and:

  1. Have students draw cards and quiz one another.
  2. Have students work together to complete them cooperatively.
  3. Use them as draw cards for a game board– land on a square, answer a task card.
  4. Create different “stations” around the class, so each table is completing a different set of task cards. Give a time limit (about 5-10 minutes, depending on the number of cards and difficulty, etc.), then have students rotate. This is a great activity for an end-of-unit/ book/ semester review before a comprehensive test, or if you only have one deck, but you want to work in small groups.

Task cards are excellent for multi-level classes. Group students according to their level, and give them different decks of task cards. For example, lower level students can complete multiple choice tasks while higher level students fill in the blanks.

If you have a group of students far above or below the rest of the class, they can work on something completely different, but more appropriate to their level. I’ve had classes with returnees mixed with phonics students and task cards gave me the chance to attend to both groups’ needs. It’s also great for keeping everyone engaged while you go from group to group.

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