The End Draws Nigh (as does a new beginning)

Tomorrow is my last working day off of work, if that makes sense. I’ve been to my new school several times to clean up and moderately decorate my new classroom. OK, thus far “decorations” have been limited to classroom rules signs which I have posted. 🙂 Just trying to live up to my reputation. When I interviewed, I was asked how my director would describe me. When I said I might be considered a little strict at my school, he laughed and showed me the notes from his conversation with said director: the first word was strict.

Since it is the end of our rather unproductive vacations, Stafford and I have planned to do things which we should have done at a leisurely pace throughout the past two weeks. I still haven’t convinced him to accompany me to the robot art exhibit. 🙁 Hopefully, the French comic exhibit he chose will be just as good.

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