It’s Facebook Official

In case you’re wondering, my head has not shrunk, I’m just farther away from the camera.

In semi-related news, I will soon be single, in the legal sense. PBMX told me he would file jointly, but then got himself hospitalized. He has been in the hospital ever since (a month? six weeks?), but he should be getting out this week. He has promised to file the papers this week. Fingers crossed. If I sound unsympathetic, it’s only because this has repeated itself so many times.
Update: OK, I wrote this about two weeks ago, but forgot to post it. PBMX is finally out of the hospital, after a week’s delay for unspecified reasons. He’s now convalescing at home, so I’m still no closer to being divorced…

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  1. So… you guys are being stalked by two cats living in an astrologically improbable nightscape?I'm a little slow on these things.

  2. LOL I guess you'll have to friend us on Facebook to find out…

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